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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Shadow People

Is there such thing as an entity known as a shadow person? Is it just an urban legend or a figment of our imagination? Were they once living breathing people or are they something darker, more sinister? Where do they come from and why are they here? Can they hurt us, and if so why would they want to hurt us? Why is it that most people don’t seem to know where they came from?

There are several theories about what or who they are but no one has been able to say for certain just what they are. One theory is that they are demons and have never had a human existence. A second theory is that they are the negative part of a person’s soul which is left behind after the person dies. The last theory is that they are ghosts like any other except they are particularly nasty.

According to my contacts on the other side there is a grain of salt and each one of these theories. These shadowy creatures have never had human form nor are ever likely to which makes them very unpredictable. As we all did in the beginning before we came to this planet they had a physical form. They were the last to evolve into pure energy because they were negative it took them longer to evolve. We could not leave without gathering the rest of our souls we could not leave them behind to travel the stars and cause trouble.
You will find mention of the shadow of the creatures and many folk tales and legends from bygone years. Because of the advancement in communications in the last hundred years people are becoming more and more aware of these beings. They are not just scary tales anymore they are reality whether we like it are not.