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I am a Psychic Medium,  Animal Communicator, Healer demon seer, nurse and International author. I am descended from a long line of women with psychic and spiritual gifts. We are of Irish, Scottish and American Indian descent. I have been communication with angels, spirits and animals all my life. Raised for the first five years by my maternal grandmother, she helped me learn to use my gifts to help others.
I am a member of NW Paranormal Investigative Team

I have written 8 books :
A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal. 
Paranormal Encounters
Paranormal Encounters Book 2
The Dark Side of the Paranormal
Outta Time- (a paranormal romance)
Demon Seekers: The Journey Begins
Petal's Golden Wings
Susie's big adventure

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

                      Here are my Paranormal books which are available on amazon.com.

I have started a new series entitled Demon Seekers. I hope to release the first in a series of 8 books in spring 2017. Here is an excerpt from the upcoming book:

Chapter 1

The Arrival


It seemed to Gabe that the night was unusually quiet, he had never felt an evening quite like this. It was as if the world were waiting for some great event to occur. Automatically he slowed his car down as if something were telling him to be careful. He drove for another quarter of a mile until he saw a large imposing silhouette against the night sky. His eyes strained to make out details of what was left of the structure. By the outline of the architecture he could tell that it was a church at one time and it may have been Presbyterian. It looked like it had been abandoned long ago. He found an overgrown driveway that seemed to lead straight towards the church. Pulling carefully off of the road he turned his SUV down the driveway.

The driveway stretched on for about half a mile, then suddenly the ruins of the church appeared before him. Pulling up as close as he could to the church he turned off the car and sat for a moment just staring at what was left of it. He had the oddest feeling, as if he were always meant to be here. He could hear the crickets playing their music and an owl hooting nearby. It was the perfect summer evening, clear and warm.

All of his life he had been having dreams of this particular church. The dream is what got him interested in the paranormal which in turn led him to become an avid writer of paranormal mysteries. Ever since he could remember he had had paranormal experiences. He had joined a local paranormal investigative group when he first bought his ranch ten years ago. During the last ten years, he had seen more types of entities than most investigators in twenty years. The other members of his paranormal group called him a ghost magnet.

 He never knew the name of the church but the dream was always the same. In the dream, he was standing facing the ruins of the church. But he didn’t look like a human, instead he was an angel with pure white wings and a golden countenance.

Another much larger angel appeared to him. The angel pointed towards what was left of the door and said “Enter, your journey has just begun and your guide awaits you.” He got the impression that it was important for him to go inside. The dream always ended the same way, with his pushing open the heavy wooden door.

He had spent most of his adult life looking for the church in his dream. He had learned from his research that the church in his dream was Presbyterian because of its architecture. They all seemed to have high formidable looking spires. He spent hours on the internet investigating every possible lead on abandoned churches. Now that he was here looking at the building he knew it was the one from his dreams. Glancing at his watch he was surprised to see that it had only taken him an hour and a half to get here.

Taking a deep breath, he grabbed his flashlight and the bag of supplies he always used for paranormal investigating. Turning on the flashlight he made his way to the large imposing wooden doors at the top of the steps. He examined the structure and condition of the door to make sure that it hadn’t rotted and was stable enough to be opened. Finding very little in the way of wood rot he checked the rot iron hinges and pull handles. They seemed to be only a little rusty, nothing more. Just as he was just reaching out his hand to grab the door handle it started to slowly open.

 Having investigated the paranormal for several years he was accustomed to the unexplained but usually it was proceeded by a cold spot, sound, smell or sense of dread. This time there was nothing. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something important was about to happen. Calming his mind and opening his senses he reached out to see if he could get an awareness of whatever had opened the door. It was then that he noticed the night had gone strangely silent.

 Holding very still he listened for any kind of noise or movement around him. The wind that just a few moments ago, had been rustling through the trees had stopped. The crickets and owl he heard while sitting in the car were silent. If he didn’t know any better, he could swear he was caught in a single moment in time.

Just as the thought occurred to him he dismissed it as fantasy. Looking down at his watch he was shocked to find that the sweeping second hand had stopped. He tapped the face of the watch thinking maybe the second hand was just stuck. It was then he noticed the time on his watch was exactly the same as it had been when he arrived. He had heard of people experiencing time loss during investigations, but he had never heard of time actually stopping. He felt a jolt of fear shoot through his body. A sudden chill encompassed his body and the hairs on his arms and the back of his neck were standing on edge. He knew with every fiber of his being that there was something waiting inside for him. Just what it was he couldn’t say for sure, but he was praying it wasn’t something negative.

Taking a deep breath, he slowly pushed the door the rest of the way open. Stepping into the building he noticed that same sense of timelessness he had experienced outside. The inside of the church was completely empty. Plants had begun to creep through the stone cracks in the floor and walls. He could only surmise that the wooden pews that used to fill the room were removed long ago. His footsteps echoed eerily as he made his way towards what use to be the pulpit. He sat down his bag on the stone altar.

Opening up the bag he pulled out his EMF (electromagnetic frequency) detector, camcorder, digital recorder and headphones. He set the camera on the alter and positioned it so it covered the entire room. He plugged his headphones into the recorder and turned it on. Turning on the EMF detector he sat it next to his bag. Stepping down from altar he made his way to the center of the room. He stood there for a several minutes but the only sound he could hear was the sound of his own heartbeat. He was about to give up when the air around him changed dramatically. He froze straining to see or hear anything, anything at all.


  Then he heard it a soft whisper of a voice through the recorder say, “She’s coming.”

“Who’s coming?” He wondered.

“She’s coming, she’s coming, you’ll see!” Another voice responded.

He heard a male voice say, “She’s coming, learn well.”

“Who’s coming and what am I supposed to learn?” he asked out loud. “Why won’t you tell me whose coming?” he paused waiting for a reply

“The warrior is coming and the journey begins.” Whispered a voice in his ear that sent shivers down his spine. “Your destiny is revealed.”