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Friday, December 19, 2014

Animals and the Paranormal

Animals are closer to God than any other creature, even man. They are born without sin, and spend their lives without committing sin; therefore they are closer to God. Animals instinctively know that when they die they will return to God’s kingdom. Animals are sentient creatures; they have feelings and desires just as we do. Did you know in veterinary school they used to teach the students that animals do not feel pain as we do? What a bunch of garbage they were teaching; these animals feel pain just as we do. Animals feel pain and loss just the way we do. They may not be able to express it as we do, but that does not mean they do not experience it! They have souls and a purpose in this world. Who are we to say they are the lower species? In a lot of ways, they are more human than we are.
You may be saying to yourself, it cannot be true that animals are closer to God than we are. Jesus says in the Bible how much more are we to God than the birds of the air. It is not that we are not his favorites, we are. It is that animals can see so much more than we can. Their capacity for forgiveness and unconditional love is greater than ours. They are not blinded by preconceived beliefs nor are they swayed by social pressure. They see beyond our normal scope of senses and vision to the other planes of existence. They have the ability to see ghosts, angels, and spirits. They can sense the presence of evil. They will not go into a room or a house, if they can help it, where there is anything of a negative nature present. They can also sense the feeling and intent of a person. If we had this ability, it would certainly save us from heading straight into the fire so to speak.
Most humans are clueless when it comes to animals. It is not only their physical but their spiritual and emotional needs that seem to elude most of us.Animals judge you by the energy you present; you cannot hide your true face from an animal; bad energy is just bad energy no matter how prettily it is packaged. The energy is the same no matter what shape you take on the physical plane. Animals were put on this earth to work alongside us, be our companions, and some to give sustenance to the physical body. We must learn to honor all animals and, in doing so, honor ourselves.
This is an excerpt from my book A Mediums Guide to the Paranormal  available on amazon.com and Smashwords.com

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